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About Me

Who Am I?

I’m a Front-end Web Developer specializing in primarily HTML, CSS, and WordPress and have 10+ years of overall professional Experience in FE Web Development and UI/UX. I am dedicated to producing quality work in a timely manner and will not stop until you are satisfied with the final product. Communicates hurdles or problems in a timely manner so that they minimally impact production.

I’m professional, creative, hard working, and will go above and beyond to create a solution that works for you. I also come with my own wine, just saying.

Some of my highlights

I am a self taught (initially) Front-end Web Developer who started tinkering around with web pages back in 1997. I wanted to see how things worked and why, so I would take a page with elements on them that I liked, look at the source and try to break things. The process of then unbreaking things hands on gave me the beginning knowledge base that I would then use to fuel the passion I have today. Since then I have gone to college and learned more about color and design, typography, and the use of white space in regards to Computer Art. I was very fortunate to have professors that would allow me to make websites for my class projects instead of the traditional art pieces (computer courses or graphic design that is. Painting, Pottery, and Human Form Sculpture were still hands on fun!), since the university at the time did not offer a Web track. This knowledge has given me a good base for being able to not only understand design and it’s elements, but bring it to the development side of the web.


Since college, I have had a lot of experience through working with jobs at the University to working with Government clients. I’ve had to work within constraints of users on Government networks to make sure that the sites and features we are providing for them are still accessible. It has also given me some powerful knowledge about cross-browser compatibility and the quirks of the many different browsers as well as the many different versions of each browser still being used. Though I have mainly worked with the Government, my skills and talent translate well to the non-Government world. Freelancing for artists has given me more room to showcase my talent and flex my fingers. It’s time to see where these creative ideas take me!


I am a fun and creative person. I love painting, making jewelry, drawing, and soaking up the sun and fresh air outside any chance I get. I also love animals. I have two furry children (Mochi and Miso) who are the biggest brat cats that you’ll meet, but they also melt my heart with their cuteness and the unconditional love and affection they give. When I’m not letting the creativity flow, I can also be found reading (Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-fi, Personal Development) or playing video games (currently Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, an MMORPG). You can find me volunteering with Smithsonian National Zoo, Extra Life, and just recently Carter’s Run and The Dandy-Walker Alliance, or even participating in 5ks around the DC area to raise money for organizations trying to beat different cancers in the butt.